Essential conference information to help you better

prepare for an exciting and engaging two days of learning. 

Web Badges

Download and use online - whether you are attending, speaking, or tweeting!

Virtual Backgrounds 

Download and use for your virtual background during conference (i.e. Zoom, etc.) 

Conference Overview

Check in with COPRH Con Chair & ACCORDS principal investigator, Dr. Bethany M. Kwan, for a conference overview:

Conference Site Now Live!

You should have received login information for our conference site in your email (please check spam/junk folders). You can now access various conference materials, including the interactive workbook, video presentations, session handouts, and discussion boards to post questions in advance. 

Tweet with Us

Be sure to tweet during the conference about your favorite session, presenter, discovery, etc. Tag your tweets with #COPRH2020.

Prep for Live Webcasts

The live webcasts will take place on the Zoom platform.  Headphones or speakers are needed to hear the live session audio.  We highly recommend that you perform a tech check from the computer you will use if you plan to participate in the live webcasts.  Perform a tech check now.

Login & Prep Info

Click here for details on accessing the conference site.