The inaugural COPRH Conference offers more than 26 hours of presentations with real-time Q&A and focused discussions about methods, models, and measures for planning pragmatic research.


Designed for clinical and translational investigators, including statisticians, dissemination & implementation scientists, health services and public health researchers, and program evaluators, COPRH Con sessions incorporate pragmatic trial planning using the PRECIS-2, pragmatic research approaches and study design, rapid qualitative and mixed methods, and stakeholder engagement.





Funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). COPRH Con is the first of a three-year national conference series on pragmatic research study design methods for clinical, translational, and public health research audiences .




Elva Arredondo  |  Mike Baiocchi 
Ross Brownson  |  Russ Glasgow
Kate Guastaferro  |  Amy Huebschmann
Amy Kilbourne  |  Jessica Moreau
Borsika Rabin  |  Matthew Wynia